Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices outnumber PC's 5-to-1, by 2013 all personal computers will be obsolete!

The New Marketing Revolution….It’s ALL About Mobile

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People who use a smartphone to perform a search often used Google Places instead of using Googles’s organic listings, even though these same individuals are more likely to use the organic listings from their home or office computer.
Now that the two have been merged, optimizing both is required for top placement.

Who would find a local business using a Smart Phone? The answer might surprise you.
Today’s smart phones allow you to search the internet with almost the same ease as a home computer.

In the future, search engine optimization will be increasingly take smart phone usage into account.
Todays smartphones have GPS systems that can identify the users precise location.

The location information is then used by Search Engine maps to highlight local businesses related to the search even when the user is on a business trip or vacation.

Mobile search – Most, if not all, search providers have mobile versions of their search engines and they are now becoming more sophisticated. Google Mobile Search offers Local Search that enables users to find local businesses and will then display a map (Google Maps) or phone number with the option of click-to-call on the appropriately-enabled handset.

Device Detection – Device detection capabilities are embedded into the programming code of a web site. Device detection enables the web site to detect the device being used to request content and serve the most appropriate version.

Geo-Targeting – Geo-Targeting is the method of determining the physical location of a website visitor and delivering content to that visitor based on his or her location.